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  • William Curtis (Wednesday, January 11 17 11:03 pm GMT)

    Brilliant site. Thanks very much for putting this together.

    Do you know how billhooks were sharpened?

  • Andrew Borromey7 (Friday, October 28 16 06:17 pm BST)

    Congratulations on your in depth study of bill hooks. Such info is rare and hard to find here in the U.S. After spending some time on foreign study in England, I have a fascination with English country crafts and skills. Your site is quite a treat!

  • abram epstein (Saturday, April 09 16 05:13 pm BST)

    Hi. Thanks for the great site! I am a collector of early American relics and own what I have long-considered a Rev War fascine knife . It is a bit different from those you show. I tried your email
    link but it doesn't connect with my AOL.(my phone in New York is: 347-886-6087)
    Please Email me your email address and I will send you pix.

  • Jean-François FRONTERE (Saturday, April 09 16 09:00 am BST)

    An huge work of collection for a very interesting site.
    Bravo, Billman, and thank you for all this information.
    I know you by "Outils Anciens-Art Populaire" (i am Jeff31190) and appreciate your knowledge.
    Best regards

  • Hwfa Jones (Wednesday, January 13 16 08:22 am GMT)

    Very interesting - I was looking for a billhook recently to thin saplings and discovered your fine site. I bought a sort of billhook in 1967 in Tenerife where they were used to harvest grain heads in
    the small fields. A lightweight tool made in a rural community by a local smith who made his mark (4 indents) on the blade. It has a tree heather handle (erica Arborea) and cuts finger thick branches
    so I think it was purely for the harvest? These fields are long gone as the people work in tourism these days. Once again a fine site and so pleasing to know that these useful tools are being

  • Ron van der Sluis sr (Monday, January 04 16 03:49 pm GMT)

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

    If you dont mind: Ik made a link to your site on my website

    Ron van der Sluis sr

  • Jef Gielen (Sunday, December 27 15 11:12 am GMT)

    hello, I really like your site about Billhooks and other sharp tools, but i noticed there are no Dutch or Belgian HIEP on it, I could sent you some pictures if you like, best wishes for 2016, Jef

  • meinhard spaunhorst (Saturday, December 12 15 10:13 pm GMT)

    Here "near" Cologne the edge-enthusiast will find the german blade-museum in Solingen (, an ancient scythe-factory in Leverkusen ( and ( a
    still working smithy

  • Meinhard Spaunhorst (Saturday, December 12 15 09:59 pm GMT)

    A site with heart and brain behind. Here in Germany I use billhooks with leglong handles against blackberries, or armlong ones. Shorter ones are Schweizer Gertel, with a leather handle.

  • carl zadroga (Friday, August 07 15 01:09 am BST)

    I've collected knives for over 35 yrs. and changed direction several times. I shop the flea markets and antique shops and eBay I pick up interesting things and like to research. I have this billhook
    and found your site in my research and it is very nice. My billhook if it is one has a different handle than what I can see on your site. I will follow up with photos etc. in the next few days. CARL

  • Paul Bayliss (Monday, June 15 15 10:28 pm BST)

    Thank you for publishing this site. I am fascinated by the history of edge tools and am always ready to acquire examples and to use them. I am grateful to you for the advice offered - particularly
    about polishing metal.

  • Derrick Middleton (Wednesday, April 29 15 10:47 am BST)

    Do you any information about Whitehouse Brothers (Bridgtown Cannock) we gave a lot of information on Cornelious Hitehouse

  • Ben House (Tuesday, January 20 15 04:58 am GMT)

    I enjoyed your site very much. Thank you!

  • Sindâle (Sunday, December 21 14 08:30 pm GMT)

    Ton site est superbe ! On s'y régale les yeux et on y apprend une foule de choses...
    Un vrai plaisir dont je te remercie.

  • Kathy Stephen (Thursday, November 20 14 03:54 pm GMT)

    Une serpe itallienne. I learned at a very early age (6+ And a little girl) to make kindling with a billhook when we stayed at my great Aunt and Uncle\'s house in Barnstaple, N Devon. How times have
    changed. I have now been dependent on wood heating in my house in France for 20 years now, and my favourite weapon is still the billhook, though I had to get a new one a few years ago as the old one
    went missing.
    I also collect folding knives (laguiole type) from a coutellier in the Gers, who has made several fine knives with wood from our garden, and my mother\'s and father in law\'s gardens. They are very
    precious, and I have constant pleasure choosing which one to use for dining or cooking.
    Warminster.... Not too far from Abingdon. Might drag my aged Ma to see the 6000 billhooks one day if that\'s ok!

  • Alban (Thursday, October 16 14 11:12 am BST)

    Thanks for this site ! Very great work.
    I am 25 years old, I am French and I still use billhooks "Serpe" sometimes when I cut some woods.
    I didn't know that it was a so interessant tool.
    I discovered your website today and what you are doing is great !
    I particulary appreciate the "european vision" that you have !
    Thank you

  • Great Aunt Kim (Wednesday, September 10 14 12:50 pm BST)

    Research to be proud of, a brilliant site. Very useful info indeed. I've been gently acquiring and using woodworking & greenwood tools for years, with a soft spot for edge tools in particular.
    Using a Killick hook or a Howarth chisel spans the gap across generations in a single stroke, they are still the perfect tool for the job.

  • Lord Martyn of Bletchingley (Thursday, July 24 14 01:13 pm BST)

    Simply the best 'billhook' site on the universe

  • Andrew Perzel (Friday, July 11 14 02:04 am BST)

    AMAZING Info! Great Site! I am an avid blade Enthusiast and Brushooks are a new Favorite! Nice Collection! You're my Brushook Authority

  • Schifffonds (Wednesday, July 09 14 09:05 am BST)

    This article gives the light in which we can observe the reality. I like this kind of blog. Thanks for sharing informative information with us

  • Keukenblad (Saturday, July 05 14 04:19 pm BST)

    Very nice and useful information. Why not write a book about this particular subject. For today’s economic variation and be short of of opportunities, it actually will be a very hot topic. Thanks a

  • TrevorBruen (Friday, June 20 14 01:27 pm BST)

    Great site. Very informative. Bookmarked as an ongoing reference. Thank you. Please keep up the good work.

  • Colin Bryers (Tuesday, May 13 14 08:49 pm BST)

    What this fella doesn`t know about billhooks..isn`t worth knowing ! Genuine pleasant helpful chap..many thanks for your help Bob.Colin Bryers

  • Rob (Sunday, February 09 14 09:58 pm GMT)

    Great site, thoroughly researched. I just wanted something from B&Q etc. for coppicing but spent some time here taking in a world view on these tools.
    Will check out the brocante shops next time in France.

  • Keith Sockey (Monday, January 06 14 12:48 am GMT)

    Love the site , good information.interesting comments and thoughts.
    Best of luck and health.
    Justrecieved a good brush axe
    today .

  • william (Tuesday, December 03 13 06:37 am GMT)

    i just found you website and just getting to know my way around here from what i seen so far it fantastic keep up the super work i got to go now but i be back very soon best of luck to all you
    people. graphics are very nice. it's a fantstic web site super job.

  • Wendy T (Friday, November 22 13 03:41 am GMT)

    As a collector of edged weapons in Australia, I found your site extremely interesting. The amount of detail in the research is worthy of a huge compliment.

  • Stephanie Smith (Wednesday, October 23 13 06:21 am BST)

    Awesome site, how long have you been working on it?

  • Alessio (Saturday, September 28 13 09:37 am BST)

    Great site! Since I was young, living in the countryside I have been fascinated from old agricultural edge tools.Your exhaustive work proved very useful and interesting for me. Along with axes and
    machetes, I own some billhoks, both inherited from grandparents, or bought by myself. i look forward sending you some pictures soon!

  • Roz Green (Thursday, September 12 13 04:38 pm BST)

    An exceptional site. Everything you could wish to find and so much knowledge. Thank you.

  • Terry Moore (Tuesday, September 03 13 06:31 am BST)

    I immediately bookmarked this site. Billhooks are uncommon in Australia although a very handy tool. Excellent info.

  • lover-secret (Monday, August 19 13 03:20 am BST)

    The bill is a polearm weapon used by infantry in medieval Europe. The bill is similar in size, function and appearance to the halberd, differing mainly in the hooked blade form. Other terms for the
    bill include English bill, bill hook or bill-guisarme.

  • Bangalorebobbel (Monday, April 01 13 06:11 pm BST)

    Thank You so much, this is really a fantastique site, very informative and inspiring.
    It gave me the idea to make a Youtube video about my collection of Billhooks. I added a link to Your website in the video description.
    The video url is

  • Katie Morgan (Sunday, March 17 13 04:13 pm GMT)

    Beautiful hand I think. With some improvements it could be better :)

  • Mart (Sunday, February 10 13 02:50 pm GMT)

    Hello, I am a blacksmith from Estonia. I visited your website, it was very interesting and educational for me. Estonian name for billhook is "Kiin" (like "Keen" in englisch) or "võsanuga" and its
    means "bush-knife"
    Sending some links to Estonia Museum, there are about a hundred billhooks and non-billhooks.

    best regards !

  • David Perry (Wednesday, February 06 13 11:17 am GMT)

    I'm a hedgelayer. All I can say is what a WONDERFUL site, full of interesting pictures and words.

  • Jon Price (Wednesday, November 14 12 04:43 pm GMT)

    Excellent website, great depth and range of information. We really hope you can come to Mells and spread the word next year! Jon Price

  • Lee Tayor (Saturday, November 03 12 06:56 pm GMT)

    what a great site and lovely bloke. Keeping England alive.God bless you mate

  • christian louboutin uk (Wednesday, September 12 12 08:26 am BST)

    Great site, should get the article up. Keep up the good work for dudley

  • John Beavis AWCB (Monday, September 03 12 09:00 pm BST)

    Really knowledgeable site Bob, well worth the visit for any reference issues with my customers. If anyone knows of an old FUSSEL catalogue i would be very interested. Thanks

  • MikeTrewick (Wednesday, July 25 12 12:20 am BST)

    Fantastic Page! I recently Acquired a blunt rusty Nash Billhook from a Stall in Cardigan Market last month, You helped me Identify the style (Llandilo)! Shes all cleaned up now, with a lovely new
    edge on her. I'm even keeping the Old woodworm holes and Short split in the bottom of the handle now I know the rest of the handle to be sound. It looks pretty good with these features!

  • Jez (Thursday, June 28 12 10:19 pm BST)

    Very interesting site

  • Keith H. Burgess (Sunday, May 27 12 10:42 pm BST)

    Looks like a great site Robert, I have not had the chance to look at all of it yet.
    Can you tell me please, was/is the Fascine Knife the same tool as the Bill Hook? I have seen several types of each & find it difficult to distinguish.
    Regards, Keith.
    PS. I was born in West Sussex.

  • william May "Trollwumple" (Saturday, May 26 12 10:00 pm BST)

    billman, I have just watched some of the old archive film which you have here, bloody brilliant, it is lucky that people like you are collecting this information as it could be lost forever, keep up
    the good work.

    ps. the new site is great

  • edgar (Sunday, May 13 12 10:36 am BST)

    Edgar from Croatia. Great site, but in ISTRA (croatian county like Scotland) we use KOSIR (croatian name for billhook) long time ago.

  • Terry Sharman (Wednesday, May 09 12 12:54 am BST)

    Great site, very interesting it's nice to see someone is saving these old woodmans tools, alas a dying trade, keep up the good work.
    I have a few old tools that were my Great Grandfathers and well preserved in Warwickshire.

  • Vanessa Marchant (Tuesday, April 24 12 07:21 pm BST)

    Hello. Robert Marchant of Seal, Kent, Edge Tool Maker is one of my ancestors. Do you by chance have any further information on him or where I may try get more information about him and his

    Kind regards,

  • Eric Marsh Peterson (Saturday, April 21 12 09:00 pm BST)

    Very well done website.
    I came across your presentation while looking for data for a late date Sheffield vendor/maker of Sheffield pattern braces (Marshall & Co.).
    As a writer and student of boring tools for 40 years I can appreciate your hard work and skill in presenting this material.

  • Jim bradman (Sunday, March 04 12 02:18 am GMT)

    Greetings from OZ Fanastic site as a pioneer in the 42rhra 1815 and setting up a display of colonial tools, loads of great information. Was amused to find out you were a morris man and an old spot
    man as well much impressed by the old spot when the Sydney Morris men did a tour back in 84 we are now defunct we disbanded rather than let females in
    Jim Bradman

  • chris johnson (Thursday, February 16 12 08:54 pm GMT)

    Brilliant site - so much to browse and so helpful