There are a number of excellent videos on the www - some related to making edge tool, some of their use, and some just of long lost crafts and craftsmen. Many are in black and white, some of the modern ones on YouTube are in colour - some have sound tracks, some not - but in all cases they are worth watching if you have any interest in craftsmanship....



Travelling crafts workshops - blacksmithing etc:


The hammers of Klingenthal – armourers & edge tool smiths


Wrought ironwork - the Dorian apprentice school in Paris


Pierre Calmels – knife-making in Laguiole


Charron – forgeron (the last wheelwright):


Wy dit Joli – Tool Museum of Claude Pinegard


Gilding of picture frames:


Craft training in schools:


Craft training for boys:


Craft training for girls:


Leaded glass window making:


Building in the department of Lot (discussion plus some good shots of the architecture):


Les Landes – life in the forest:


At 84 years old Florence Meugnot recalls her life in the village of Flavigny sur Ozerain


Boatbuilding at Brest:


Bagpipe making in Corsica (Cornemuse en Corse)


Furniture making:


Furniture making – goodbye to the quarter:


Metal-working- usine des métaux:


Soilless farming in Italy – chataigneraie italienne:


Charcoal making – charbonerie (31 seconds):

Cutting faggots in Corsica– fagoterie/ les fagots en Corse (2min 17 sec):


Artificial flowers:


La doloire – using the side axe ( 3 videos):




Television programme on the last tool makers in Geneva:


Television programme on making a small farm cart – wheelwright and blacksmith


Blacksmith – forgeron:


The forge - la forge:


Clog maker – sabotier:



Gilder – doreur sur bois:



Bell foundry – fondeur des cloches:


Apprenticeships – le compagnonnage


Fairgrounds – le métier de foraine :









Rebuilding a 400 year old French staircase after 40 years in storage