Possible ways forward

A member of TATHS (the Tools and Trades History Society) and LADO (Les Amis de l'Outil), I also subscribe to several forums (British Blades (UK), Blades Forum (US), Viking Sword (US), Green-woodworking (UK), Outils Anciens (FR), Living History (UK)) where edge tools are often discussed. There are numerous forums in English and also many other languages for knives and weapons (armes blanches), but for tools there are few, and for English language speakers, even less . 


In many countries there are also agricultural preservation groups, stationary engine clubs, vintage tractor clubs etc who run annual rallies where old tool enthusiasts and country crafts persons can often be found displaying their collections. There are the occasional tool sellers' fairs, but as far as I can see no events dedicated to old tool enthusiasts, collectors and users. 


I feel there is a gap waiting to be filled by an English speaking forum for old tool enthusiasts. I guess I could start one, most existing forums offer a link to a framework to start a new one, but I do not have the time to do so properly. Is there anyone out there willing to start a new forum - one dedicated to the use and preservation of old tools, recording lost or disppearing trades and crafts etc??


TATHS in the UK is struggling to survive, not through lack of members, but through lack of those willing to become commitee members and run the society. In the USA there are EEIA and MWTC, in Canada the Tool Group and in Australia The Hand Tool Preservation Association and others, so there is no lack of interest in the subject. Maybe a new forum to discuss tools and trades, as well as exchange information, make new friends, establish new links is long overdue.... Existing old tool societies could have a dedicated page to pass on their news, thus making it a truly international forum. More than that, it could breath new life into existing societies that are in danger of becoming moribund.... 


So come on someone, please start this - or if it already exists and I've not yet found it, please let me know...


Update at 04 February 2012 - maybe I've found it - it's biased towards old wrenches - but I'm sure I can fix that..... Have a look at:


I found this after looking at another favourite, managed by Rob Hartman in the US  http://55tools.blogspot.com/2012_02_01_archive.html

The UK Bodgers site also has a tools section: