New and second hand billhooks

New or secondhand billhooks can be bought on line from auction sites such as eBay or from one of the many specialist sites that supply them. Included are links to manufacturers' websites, although you will probably not be unable to buy direct from them. Farmers' suppliers, such as Mole Valley Farmers in the South West, are also a good place to look...

Some second-hand ones found in French brocantes in 2010

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Suppliers and makers of new Billhooks :

UK :

Simon Grant Jones:      

Hand forged to order – Expensive but the BEST I have handled!!!

John Beavis:               

  From May 2012 John's old site is no longer on the web

Hand forged to order - no other details, but images on website look superb

Dave Budd:                      

Hand Forged to order – no other details

Nick Westerman:       

Hand Forged to order – no other details

Andrew Kirkham:                 T: 01709 363127      

Hand forged to order – no other details

Greenman Ironwork:           

Steve Darby T: 01403 710460    M: 07771 521115   

Hand Forged to order – no other details

Michael Stanton:                   T: 01783 810063  

Hand Forged to order – no other details

Spear and Jackson:      


Richard Carter:           

Morris (Dunsford):     

Richard does not sell direct to the public – no website


Tyzacks:                                  see Burgon and Ball

Burgon and Ball:         

Jenks and Cattell:                now a subdivision of Bulldog Tools

Green blokes:                

Italy :


Leonelli :                     

Panzeri :                       



(limited range of billhook shapes)                           

France :

Talabot:     (MOB)                  TALABOT OUTILLAGE - BP 1 81160

SAINT JUERY CEDEX France - Phone : +33 563 450 789


Leborgne (Fiskars):     

Revex:                                    REVEX FORGES SA - Les Forges BP 9 38140

                                                 RENAGE France - Phonework : +33 4 76 91 16 13fax


                    Smederij Harm Struik:




 see spanmesser, braxe, häpe & sichel




Mirko Guenther:                     handmade praxe, gertel and hippen

 Adler:  a manufacturer of forestry and other edge tools, offering a small range of regional shapes of billhooks (search under produkte/forstwerkzeuge/hepen).   

Arne  Paysan:   historic reconstructions by the smith at the Isentosamballerer museum (expensive at 120 euros)               


                 Fitzi C Schwarz:        


                Fiskars:                                                                                            (sold in US as Gerber, in UK as Wilkinson Sword - a new model of brushook intriduced in 2014)

Metallituote Saarela: 

Harmän Taonta Oy:            

A small independent maker - Highly recommended



 12-herramientas-antiguas- a small blacksmith's site with a                          limited range or reproduction foceta

          Flores Cortés don Benito s.l.  

                ‘catalogue jardineria y campo’

                López de la Isidra:          

                see corvillos and tajamatas

                R Rocamora:                    



                                                                  very limited range available

                Ferramentas ACM:      

                                                                  very limited range available

                Almeida & Marques, Lda:

Used or Second Hand and New (UK):

                   John French:                  T: 01424 772371 M: 07887652693

                   Ian Swain:                       T: 01342 842075 M: 07810 771122                                   

Peter Hanman:                      T: 01435 860760 M: 07966        

Gerry Dawson:              - post The Toolbox and Pennyfarthing Tools

                The Toolbox:                - originally founded by Gerry Dawson

                Pennyfarthing Tools:   - originally founded by Gerry Dawson

                Stan Jordan:                          Grove Road, Corsham, Wilts - +44 (only open Saturday mornings)

                Handles of Old Woking:      Contact: Mr Clive Gunning: 29 High Street, WOKING, GU22 9ET (UK) – Phone: +44 (0)1483 773 461

Timeless Tools:           

                Old Tools:                    

                The Vintage Garden Store:


                Woodsmiths Store:     ,%20Slashers%20and%20Grass%20Hooks/

                The Old Tool Store:    


                Kellam Knives:           


                Tony Murland:            

                Bristol Design:            

The Toolnut