A few images from my archives of over 4000 pictures of billhooks taken from auction sites such as eBay or Leboncoin, my collection, or from other peoples' collections at steam rallies such as the Great Dorset Steam Fair

Some Hungarian 'metsökés' or vine pruning hooks bought at the tool fair in Bièvres in France in 2010. Held on May 1st every year. Bièvres is about 30km south of Paris. 'La Foire d'Outils' is run by the local tool club, Les Amis de l'Outil ( LADO ), who also have an excellent museum of old tools in the village. The fair attracts sellers and buyers from all over Europe.

From the same seller - more Hungarian tools from 2011

Three Spanish 'podadera' or 'podone' (one may be a Portugese 'podão') also from Bièvres in 2011

Four French vine pruning hooks, or 'serpettes à vigne', the central two are Catalan in origin - the same style is found in both France and Spain - also from Bièvres in 2011

Some tools from St Ferréol, Haute Savoie, France - bought at the brocante during the 'Fête des Pommes' in October 2011