In Portugal as in other countries the precise name for a billhook varies from region to region - often the terms for billhook and sickle are interchangeable... To make matters more confusing, the same words are now being used for motorised strimmers and brush-cutters.

Portugal - a 'podão' also known as a 'podoa' or a 'podadeira' used for pruning vines in the wine growing regions (it was also spelled 'podaõ')

Portugal - a 17th century decorated 'foice' - fitted to a long handle this type of blade is common throughout western Europe. The hook on the back is for pushing branches back into a hedge.

Portugal - another shape of 'foice' on a short handle.

Portugal - a common form of billhook, also found in the west of Spain. Called a 'foice' by some makers,it is more commonly known as a 'podal' , but also called a 'roçadora'  or 'rocadeira' (as it has a socket handle). This shape is from Ponte da Barca.

Portugal - another common shape of 'foice' or 'podao'.

Portugal - also found with a back blade.