Spanish billhooks

The 'podone' of Spain (singular 'podón') are many and varied in their shape. Those used for general cuttting of green wood are similar to those in most other European countries. The vine pruning hooks are similar to those from other Mediterranean countries, such as southern France, southern Italy and Sicily and Greece. Some unusual types can be seen elsewhere on the site.

A double edged 'podador' from Lleida in Catalonia, north east Spain, near the French border. The Catalan region extends across the border into the Roussillon of France...

A vine pruning hook from Girona, also in Catalonia - identical shapes are found across the border in French Roussillon.

Although similar on shape to the one above, this type from Castille & Léon in northwest Spain is much larger and heavier.

This one from Huesca, to the east of Catalonia, falls midway between the other two both geographically and in size and weight.

From Teruel, to the south of Huesca, this one is similar, but the differences in blade shape are distinctive..