External Links

One of the problems with running a website is page management - I have lost track of what I did, and when - so added this page in September 2013 to post any miscellaneous tool related links that I find of interest - hope you find them useful as well...

A steam powered wooden box mill run by the Phillips Family in Oak Run, California:

http://phillipsbrothersmill.com/3/miscellaneous1.htm and a Youtube video of the works in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mKSKZau9qs&list=PL91D812D3A6AB9D8A&index=3

There are other videos and links on the website and on Youtube.


Miscellaneous French sites etc....

This one links to information and tools on the 'gemmeurs et resiniers' of the Landes region of southwest France, who 'tapped' the pine trees to extract resin, which was then distilled into turpentine etc..



Miscellaneous other sites

A site dedicated to Nordic knives, with an excellent introduction to Finnish Axes by Marcus Lepola: