Aims and Objectives

This is always a tricky area to quantify as aims and objectives are always linked, but often confused. They are, however, quite distinct:

Aims are the changes you hope to achieve as a result of your work

Objectives are the activities you undertake and the services you offer to bring these changes about


So here goes:



  • To give you a better understanding of the history of the billhook, its manufacture and its uses.
  • To enable you to distinguish between what is a billhook, and what isn't....
  • To help you identify your billhook, what country it is from and what it was used for.
  • To create a stable website that unlike Wikipedia will provide as varied a comprehensive content as I am able*




  • To provide visual information
  • To create a data base of UK makers
  • To place on-line as many catalogues as I can to help with identification
  • To show you where you can buy a new or secondhand billhook
  • To provide links to other edge tool (and old tools) related websites


* I am fed up with adding information to 'Billhook' on Wikipedia only to have it edited out the next day by someone who thinks it is wrong.... My idea is to spread knowledge; not to censor it... If I am wrong you have a guest book or email option to convince me to edit or change the information on these pages...