The billhooks of Sweden and Norway

The most common tool in Sweden is now the brush hook with a replaceable blade. Originally made by Sandvic, it is now branded by many of the forestry tool suppliers, such as Husqvarna chainsaws.

A Swedish 'löfkniv' - similar tools are found through Sweden, Norway and Finland.

A blade from another 'löfkniv' - 5th to 10th century.

This tool from Norway is the equivalent of an English hand slasher or bean hook - halfway between a billhook and a sickle...

A typical 'lauvkniv' from Norway - literally a 'leaf knife' they were used to cut fodder for cattle to see them through the long and harsh winters. Also called 'lauvsigd' (leaf sickle), 'hakkekniv' (chopping knife) or 'snidil'

A modern hand-made example with a reindeer antler handle and a leather sheath.

A square bladed example used to cut kindling wood.

The ubiquitous Fiskar's brushing hook from Finland (sold as Gerber in the USA, and Wilkinson Sword in the UK). Aggressive marketing has destroyed the market for many smaller local edge tool makers throughout Europe. They use to make nice wooden handled tools - this over-designed monstrosity will be OK for a few hours use, but a sweaty palm on hot day will soon become sore with the plastic grip....