Roncole Veneziano

The billhooks ('roncole') from the Venice region are similar to those in Istria to the north and Croatia to the East, across the Adriatic. The Venetians were once the rulers of most of the eastern Mediterranean, and like the Greeks and Romans before them spread their culture to their territories and dependencies.


What is curious is the large number of dialect words for the billhook found in the Venice area...

billhook - cortelasìna N.fem. sing.
billhook - cortèla N.fem. sing.
billhook - rangàja N.fem. sing.
billhook - róncola N.fem. sing.
billhook - ronconèla N.fem. sing.
billhook - stegàgno sing.
billhook - brìtola N.fem. sing.
billhook - fòcolo sing.
billhook - mesóra N.fem. sing.
billhook - fiocasól sing

billhook (small ) - roncolìna N.fem. sing.

   source: Dialect of Venice - el Galepin

The Italian/Venet dictionary actually has more words as the letter L can be pronounced in two different ways: fòcolo or fòcoƚo

l   same as English, "l" as in "lean", "lamb"

typical Venet, semi-vowel, pronounced between a full L and an E (without the tongue touching the palate)

A Venetian billhook

A Croatian billhook or 'kosir'.

Another Croatian 'kosir'.