The Edge Tool Makers of Kent and Sussex

In the 1980's Tony Bayfield from Eastbourne  started to compile a list of makers from Kent and Sussex. Concentrating mainly on billhooks, probably because these were the most common edge tool made and still found in use, he contacted collectors such as Richard Filmer, Fred Hams, Peter Hooper and myself and we sent him information on the tools in our possession. Coupled with visits to the Local Records Offices, museums etc he created the first list of known Kent & Sussex makers. All this in the era before the PC, internet and e-mail...


Sadly I lost contact with him when I moved house about 1988, and I never saw the fruits of his efforts. Recently I was sent images of a copy of his original typed manuscript, which I have published below. I believe he later published a small booklet himself, which expands on the list below.


Tony, please forgive me for placing this on-line without your consent, but it is too important a document not to be readily accessible to tool collectors and enthusiasts...

Blacksmith Made Edge Tools - A Forgotten History (by Tony Bayfield c 1997)
The Edge Tool Makers of Kent and Sussex
Tony Bayfield List of Makers.pdf
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